Looking Back from My Last Six Years



This is my Facebook look back video. When I still had my Xanga blog, I reviewed my past blog posts on December 31st every year. Since Xanga closed down last year, I could not do it on the last day of 2013. I am thankful that Facebook has created this little look back video for me, so I can review my past vividly and easily. Of course, the video is too short to cover everything and too generic, but still great, as there is no effort required to put in myself.

Review: YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye


I heard about this YSL nail lacquer from a Xanga blog and I decided to give it a try after I looked more into it. This is the YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye, which is the limited edition released in March. There are four colors and I bought the cool coat. This nail polish is very pleasant to have as a collection because of its unique outlook. As you can see from the following photo, there are three colors in the bottle.

YSL Nail Lacquer, Photo by Elsa U

Photo by Elsa U

YSL Nail Lacquer, Photo by Elsa U

Photo by Elsa U

This nail polish is sold for US$25 and is sold out on the YSL official website, so I found and bought this one from the YSL counter in the Bay and it costs CAD$34 +tax.  Although in term of the price for nail polish, this one is indeed an expensive one; in term of the quality for nail polish, this one is very good in my opinion. To be honest, I do not often spend money on nail polish and I do not have any other expensive bottle like this one (the last one I bought is OPI from the beginning of 2012 and it was the most expensive one I have before this one), but I was willing to spend the money on it because this bottle satisfied my need of a nail polish. I am not big on changing the color of my nails, but I do want something simple on my nails once in a “long while”. This nail polish gives my nails a sparkly sheer look and yet not too noticeable. If you want to have three different colors on your nails and want the color be more noticeable, you can apply one more coat on your nails; if you want to have just one single color, then shake the nail polish before applying. You can also mix and match your other nail polish with this bottle because this bottle is meant for top coating but it can be used alone. You first apply your desired color on your nails and then top coat it with this bottle. This nail polish is very functional.

--After Shaking It

Photo by Elsa U

I did not shake the bottle before applying the nail polish to my nails because I want to testify if it can really give my nails three different colors. The answer is YES! Although the difference is very little, because of the even sparkle and the sheer layer, I can still tell that there are differences by seeing deeper pink, lighter pink and just sheer on my nails.

Photo by Elsa U

Cool Coat on My Nails
Photo by Elsa U

Photo by Elsa U
Photo by Elsa U

I love this nail polish and I will use it quite often. I strongly recommend this to you if you are a person like me, who only wants something simple and different on your nails once in a while.  The actual color of cool coat is different than in the picture on the YSL website. On the YSL website, cool coat is more an orange tone color than pinkish color. If you are not a light pink person, there are three more colors: pink (purple pink), purple and blue for you to choose from.

The One I have Is the Cool Coat on the Left and There Are Three More Colors to Choose from.

Is Pulling All Nighter the Life of University Students?


This answer is YES! Regardless you are those who always start early or those who always do things the last minutes, you would still have “pulled all nighter” at least once in your University life. Sometimes, it just happens.

I actually never stay up all night long for studying or working on essays but I have stayed up late for it. Like last night, when I thought I finished everything I needed to do for my assignment and I could finally start reviewing for MT, I worked on that assignment till 2AM because of the last-minute updated grading rubrics. Why did not I just leave it as it is? BECAUSE I just could not, as I could get a better grade just by changing some  of the contents. I supposed to start reviewing for my MT at 9:30PM and I started reviewing at 2AM. Why did not I just go to bed? BECAUSE I just could not, as the MT is at 8:30AM. I had done so much to push things ahead but I still failed at the end. I went to bed around 3AM and woke up at 6AM to continue my reviewing. I did not know how but I managed to cram everything in within 2 hours. After I finished my 3 hours long MT, I had a 3 hours lectures. Surprisingly, I did not fall asleep. However, I did not pay full attention in the entire 3 hours because I was mentally tired.

I started my assignment a week early and finished it two days before the due date, so I could review for my MT and sleep around 12AM last night, but thing happened. It turned out that I went to bed around 3AM and I only had 3 hours of sleep last night. Pulling all nighter is a MUST for all university students. It is not that we did not try to avoid it but any thing can happen.

Btw, I did not drink any energy drink but a caramel macchiatto before my MT 😉